Claims to Uphold Democracy and Constitution

In the name of justice, a few institutions and political factions are proclaiming themselves to be the upholders of constitutional continuity and democracy for some years now. Apparently, they are blowing trumpets against dictatorships, army’s political interference and are raising slogans in favor of freedom and democracy.

It is thought provoking that the same institutions, parties and factions for the last 60 years have a record of supporting dictatorships, trampling constitutions and working against national interests. Their past bears witness to it that they were never interested in law or constitution and never tried to strengthen national or democratic institutions. Rather they only sided with dictatorial regimes for their vested interests. Especially, political factions created on the basis of religion have always supported capitalistic and feudalistic system and have embraced the outdated norms of the colonial era.

Continuity of democratic and constitutional norms are essential in a country’s progress, yet positive aspects of a society’s collective life, nation’s sovereignty, justice, peace, economic prosperity and protection of everyone’s rights, regardless of any discrimination, must be kept in mind while deciding about the constitutional framework. All outdated, harmful ideas and parties must be stopped which entail notions of violence, oppression, discord, and sectarianism.

In our society people who raise slogans in favor of constitution and democracy, are the ones who have protected neocolonial systems of exploitation. Because of their feudalistic and capitalistic mindset, these people have injected such amendments in our constitution which create obstacles in nation’s way of achieving what is rightfully theirs. Ironically, the same people are now seen shouting for democracy, justice and constitutional continuity. It is high time that their hypocrisy be exposed in front of the nation.

To rid ourselves from the outdated and exploitative systems of the colonial era, we have to organize ourselves for our rights as a sovereign nation and have to set priorities on the basis of our society’s positive traditions and customs. Sloganeering of hypocritical leaders can never solve our problems.

It is imperative that based on the guidance we get from Islam we establish a group of individuals who, fearing God, proceed to fulfill the needs of humanity and courageously set up a system of national sovereignty, peace and economic prosperity. This group, with maturity of thought, must possess insightful understanding of political and economic intricacies. Along with this, they should also believe in solving regional conflicts without any religious prejudice and hence should be conscious of ridding the nation from exploitative hegemony of imperialistic powers.

It is the need of the hour to spread awareness regarding afore-mentioned issues, accelerate the efforts to establish an intellectually groomed gathering of individuals and seriously work for bringing about a change in our dear homeland.

May Allah Almighty grant us ability to work effectively. Ameen!

کوئی ٹیگ نہیں
مولانا مفتی عبدالخالق آزاد رائے پوری
مولانا مفتی عبدالخالق آزاد رائے پوری

مسند نشین خانقاہ عالیہ رحیمیہ قادریہ عزیزیہ رائے پور

ناظمِ اعلیٰ ادارہ رحیمیہ علومِ قرآنیہ