Dr Mufti Saeed-ur-Rehman Awan

Dr Mufti Saeed-ur-Rehman Awan

Professor Dr. Mufti Saeed-ul-Rehman is the Patron-in-Chief of Rahimia Institute of Quranic Sciences (Trust) Lahore and one of the disciples of Hazrat Aqdas Shah Saeed Ahmad Raipuri. In 1978, he bowed his spiritual allegiance to Hazrat Aqdas Shah Abdul Aziz Raipuri, the then head of Esteemed Rahimiya Monastery situated at Raipur. He completed his course of Dars-e-Nizami and later on specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence from Jamia Uloom Islamia Allama Banuri Town Karachi. In addition to his father Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Badi-ul-Zaman who himself was profound scholar, he got the opportunity to get educated by eminent teachers like Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Banuri and Hazrat Maulana Mufti Wali Hasan Tonki.

Afterwards, he obtained LLM Sharia degree from the International Islamic University Islamabad. For thirty-three years, he taught at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. He received his PhD in Usul Fiqh from the same university in 1996. He served as the chairman of the Department of Islamic Studies, Bahauddin University, Multan for a period of over seven years.

Currently, he is working as the Head of the Department of Islamic Studies at the Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan. He is also the patron of the Monthly “Rahimia” Magazine Tri-Monthly Research Journal “Shaoor o Aagahi”. For the past 40 years, he has been engaged in the education and training of youngsters, especially those associated with the Monastery of Raipur, based on the philosophy and teachings of Shah Waliullah and his devoted disciples.


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