Founder of Rahimia Institute

Rahimia institute was founded by Hazrat Shah Saeed Ahmad Raipuri R.A. in 2001.


Rahimia Institute of Quranic Sciences (Trust) Lahore was established in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan in 2001 by Hazrat Shah Saeed Ahmad Raipuri (RA)

Aims & objectives

To present the fundamental and authentic knowledge of the Quran, to provide awareness regarding the science of construction of society according to the principles contained in the Quran, and to provide spiritual and moral education based on Quranic sciences.

Research at Rahimia

The Institute spearheads research that is geared towards spreading awareness regarding Islamic history and its political, economic and social systems to seek solutions to problems plaguing contemporary human societies.

Main Building
Main Building


Rahimia Institute of Quranic Sciences strives to foster collectivism and instil unity of thought among the responsible youth of the country. With its campuses located throughout the country, Rahimia Institute is rapidly preparing conscientious, intelligent, socially-aware human resource equipped to take on the challenge of development of our country.

Rahimia Institute considers the youth of this country an asset which must be valued, nurtured and groomed to accept the responsibility of our society. The (Rahimia) institute manages to do this by proactively engaging the youth through various seminars, discussion forums, Friday prayer congregations, and numerous other activities. Moreover, the primary objective of all these aforementioned activities is to instil, among Pakistani youth, the significance of systematically understanding the principles of a worthy society laid out in the light of the Quran.

The institute operates like any modern research and educational organization. The main campus in Lahore has a fully equipped modern library. In addition to this, the institute publishes a research journal titled "Shauor-o-Aaghi" each quarter along with a monthly magazine called the "Rahimia Magazine" which features articles on the current affairs as well as brief descriptions of Quran and Hadith for the contemporary minds. In addition to this, the publications department of Rahimia institute regularly publishes books on vital issues of religious and historical significance.

Our Journey


Rahimia Institute of Quranic Sciences (Trust) Lahore was established in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan in 2001 by Hazrat Shah Saeed Ahmad Raipuri (RA)


Established an affiliated board of Deeni Madaris called Nizaam ul Madaris Al-Rahimia, Pakistan.


Seminars across the country were organized to introduce the ideology and teachings of Shah Waliullah among the emerging youth of society.


Foundations of Al-Aziz block at Rahimia Institute Lahore were laid.


Magnificent seminars held in all major cities of Pakistan to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Great War of Independence of 1857 to introduce and present the freedom movement in the Indo-Pak subcontinent to the young generation.


Commenced publication of the monthly Rahimia magazine and quarterly research journal Shauor-o-Aaghi. Additionally, Rahimia Publications was inaugurated to publish books written by righteous ulama'a and scholars.


Regional campuses established in Karachi (Feb '10), Sukkur (Mar '10) and Multan (Apr '10).


Fourth (4th) regional campus established in Rawalpindi (Jul '11).


Fifth (5th) regional campus established in Peshawar City (Dec '12).


Groundbreaking ceremony of new building at Rahimia Institute Lahore was held on 17th January, 2014. Foundations of Jamia Masjid Rahimia and Rahimia Institute sub-campus were laid at Sadiqabad 28th April, 2014. The spiritual and enlightening gatherings of Shah Abdul Qadir Raipuri on the topics of Shariah, Purification of Human Soul (Tazkia & Tariqat) and Politics were published after tiresome research and editing in July, 2014. The autobiography of Imam Ubaidullah Sindhi titled “Sarguzisht e Hayaat”, originally written in Arabic, was translated in Urdu and published by Rahimia Publications in July, 2014.


An important book in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqah) written in Arabic by Imam Ubaidullah Sindhi was published in October, 2015 by Rahimia Publications. Inauguration ceremony of Rahimia Institute Sadiqabad sub-campus was held on 17th October, 2015.


Updated edition of biography of Shah Abdul Raheem Raipuri was published in August, 2016. Shah Waliullah Dehalvi’s books in Persian Language on the topic of Translation of Holy Quran titled as “Al-Muqadama Fi Qawaneen ul Tarjuma and Muqaddama Fath ul Quran” were translated and published in Urdu along with explanatory margins in September, 2016. Imam Ubaidullah Sindhi’s book in Arabic Language titled as “Al-Tamheed Littareef Aaimma ul Tajdeed” was translated and published in Urdu along with detailed explanatory margins in October, 2016.


Foundations of “Al-Saeed Block” were laid down on 1st January, 2017. Book launch ceremony of Shah Abdul Raheem Raipuri’s biography was held at Quid e Azam Library Lahore on 28th January, 2017. A four-day lecture series on the topic of “Teachings of Shah Waliullah and Contemporary Era” was arranged at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan in April, 2017.


Inauguration ceremony of “Al-Saeed Block” at Rahimia Institute Lahore was held on 11th May, 2018. Conferences on the Sacred life of our beloved Prophet Muahmmad (Peace Be Upon Him) were held under the patronage of Rahimia Institute across Karachi and Hyderabad in December, 2018.


Deliverance of Insightful lessons from Holy Quran was initiated on daily basis at Rahimia Institute of Quranic Sciences Lahore in January, 2019. The Quranic lessons dictated by Imam Ubaidullah Sindhi “Qurani Shauor e Inqlab” was republished with explanatory margins and attractive outlook.


A new building named “Al-Qadir Block” was established at Rahimia Institute Lahore in January, 2020. The most famous and magnum opus work of Imam Ubaidullah Sindhi “Shauor o Aaghi” was republished in January, 2020 with detailed introduction and addendum.

Rahimia Campuses

Campuses are established in all major cities of Pakistan to fulfill educational needs of our youth.

Karachi Campus
Karachi Campus

Rahimia House A-16, Moria Khan Society Behind Star Gate, Near Airport Shahra-e-faisal Karachi, Pakistan.

Rawalpindi Campus
Rawalpindi Campus
17th Rd, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Tel: +92 51 4581 357

Multan Campus
Multan Campus
Rahimia House 30 A Street No. 2 Khan Colony Chungi No. 7, L.M.Q Road Multan, Pakistan.

Tel: +92 61 6212 021

Sukkur Campus
Sukkur Campus
Flat No. 111 1st Floor, Rail Apartment Race Road Sukkur, Pakistan.
Peshawar Campus
Peshawar Campus
Peshawar Campus Opposite Islamia Law College, Near Honda North Showroom, Tehkal Bala, Main University Road Peshawar

Tel: +92 91 5702 295

Sadiqabad Campus
Sadiqabad Campus
Rahimia house, A1/ 48 Model city K.L.P Road, Sadiqabad, Pakistan.