Wars, Imperialism and Our Leadership!

Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad
Nov 01, 2016 - Editorial
Wars, Imperialism and Our Leadership!

Rahimia Magazine (November,2016)

Imposing wars on nations, obstructing their social progress, and dismantling the societal peace & harmony are the neocolonial tools of global imperial system. By adopting its ferocious policy of imposing proxy wars on third world countries in the past, it devastated their social, economic, and political structures which enable it to run its highly profitable and large scaled weapon manufacturing industries earning towering incomes of trillions of dollars by selling the tools of human misery and destruction. Western imperialism never hesitated to instigate and bolster the regional and geo-strategic conflicts and promoted a hostile environment between two or more underdeveloped neighboring countries in order to boost its own trading business of weapons and other infrastructure. Following the brutal instincts of deliberately inciting wars outside the geographical boundaries of western hemisphere, US imperialism chose Asian and African countries as its battle ground. These wars completely wrecked down their societal infrastructure and entangled them into a never ending agony of hate, extremism, bloodshed and massacre! Even today, the large scaled weapon industries and their target markets, weapons vaults and the worldwide war strategies, all remain within the totalitarian hold of global imperialist forces. It has been always the inhumane practice of global domineering powers to not only incite, but also to fully support, assist, and facilitate civil wars in any part of the world, whether it be The First and The Second World Wars, The Vietnam War or the genocide in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Palestine.

Recently, speeches, analysis, numerous editorials, columns and political debates regarding warfare between India and Pakistan is propagated once again through exceedingly heated argument between the two nations, leaving significant impacts on the thinking process of common man of both sides. Whenever such hostile situations arise between Pakistan and India, the Extremist factions and the Media Groups of both the countries come into their play of exploiting the patriotic sentiments of the local masses by promoting even more enmity between the two countries. The so called Religious and political factions along with the misleading Media Giants, which operate with the only aim of boosting their ratings, effectively manipulate the warfare aggression and the religious polarization between the two nations, in order to increase their vote banks, profits and maintain an influential, yet absolutely deceptive, acceptance in the society.

The aforementioned dilemma of our nation is the unfortunate continuation of the mindset that was prevalent at the time of partition of subcontinent at the cannibalistic hands of the domineering “British Raj” in India. To escalate their business revenues and profits, those inhumane forces which confiscate global natural resources and ensure a complete authority over the media groups operating in each of their enslaved nations, fight their wars by utilizing the platforms of the political speeches delivered in sit-ins and protests, and the fraudulent political statements published in print media. By analyzing the past records of the catastrophes inflicted upon both the countries which are still preserved in the file sections of communalist media groups, it appears that the two nations have managed to survive a long era of manufactured wars, hatred and jingoism. Even today, such political, religious, bureaucratic, and business factions exist in both societies that solely aim to escalate their authority and business profits by confronting its rival factions by promoting the mentality of hatred and extremism through media, protests and processions.

Instead of exploiting the sentiments of the masses by diverting their attention from the social dilemmas, media groups of both countries can play a significant role in utilizing various resources of print and digital media to highlight the actual problems of society, especially of the weak and destitute factions of their respective societies. Hence, it can initiate a process of reformation that can provide them with quality education and pave a path of social progress. After carrying out a conscientious and historical analysis of wars, human intellect of our time has finally concluded that wars do not solve any problems rather they create and promote problems further. Thus, conscientious nations of our era resolve their disputes through a process of table talk, peace negotiations and mutual cooperation, rather than amplifying confrontation by waging wars against each other.

                The ruthless wars instigated by the global imperialist forces aim to exterminate every possibility protect and flourish humanity. The imposed authoritative forces first annihilate the innocent civilians, drench the entire enslaved nation into bloodbath, weaken their nationalist resistance and then finally decide to acknowledge their request of initiating talks for negotiations. A war-torn society has even the minutest ray of life wiped out and dusk of never ending darkness is all that hovers around. Poverty stricken and tarnished souls seek to ease their pain and suffering, terrified minds lose their ability to contemplate the warfare dilemmas in a conscientious way, and all what remains is a mist of darkness engulfing all signs of humanity and the tragedy of war that continues to prevail for those who survive!

                A war scarred nation is where coffins bear more worth than human lives, graveyards are inhabited and towns are massacred, old are permitted to survive and the younger generation is savagely slaughtered, mothers do not rejoice on giving birth to their children and instead, fear lingers on, the old shoulder the heavy coffins of the young, old shivering hands burry the young in grave, and the tragic news of grief and deaths howls all day and light of life is extinguished forever!       

                Educational institutes of war-ravaged countries fail miserably to ingrain a mindset of humanitarianism, modesty and optimism into the youngsters. Instead, they serve as headquarters to train extremist and aggressive mindsets. The literary writings of poets reflect hostility and militancy, the essence of scientific research focuses on developing atom bombs and weapons of mass destruction, and instead of delivering a humanistic and quality education to children, they are equipped with arms and weapons as their toys and learning instruments.

                On both sides, whether it Pakistan or India, soldiers returning from battle grounds are embraced with coffins or “aarthiyan” and not with garlands of flowers.  A war-stricken country devises its national budget excessively based on its military needs and the pursuit of latest weaponry systems. Consequently, public spending on education, health, and overall social progress is hampered due to scarcity of economic resources.

In a war stricken country, the existence of technical institutes and industries that adopt a nationalistic ideology of upgrading the economic growth of the nation as a whole (aiming to promote peace, humanistic values, modern technical education, and conscientious intellect of the society) is demolished. It results into unemployment, destruction of infrastructure and economic crisis all of which affect the life of common man even more. On the other hand, as a result of the imposed wars, the industries pertaining to the fields of manufacturing arms and weapons, warfare, bloodshed and propaganda consequently, thrive and generate profits amounting to trillions dollars. They satisfy their thirst for blood by shedding humanity into countless tears of torment. Similarly, the factions of society employed associated with these businesses earn hefty sums of money and thus, emerge as exemplary and influential personalities in their respective social circles.

                In the context of above discussion, it is clear that the political system imposed on our society is utterly incapable of fulfilling any of its duties towards the younger generation of the country, whether it is the provision of a comprehensive and modern education system, social security or equal opportunities for progress in the society. What direly needs to be emphasized is the fact that our ruling elite has completely failed in facilitating our nation in every single aspect of life. Instead of being ferociously manipulated in the hands of merchants of weapons and hatred, common people of our society must recognize and affiliate themselves with a genuine and sincere leadership, and foster a high conscientious capability to differentiate between truth and falsehood. Moreover, by conscientiously striving for their confiscated human rights, liberate the entire society from oppression and injustice, and thereby pave path for peace, social progress and development!

Translation: Miss Aisha Javed, Rawalpindi

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Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad

Editor Monthly Rahimia Magazine, Lahore