The Need of Genuine and Sincere Leadership

Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad
Oct 01, 2016 - Editorial
The Need of Genuine and Sincere Leadership

Rahimia Magazine (Oct,2016)

Social progress of nations is deeply associated with the presence of a trustworthy ideology and a sincere leadership. If a nation is deprived of these prerequisites of betterment, it is destined to fail and extinct. Fortuitous are those nations which accredited themselves with a humanistic ideology and generous leadership, as a result of which they learned to live a life of well-respected and civilized citizens among the nations of the world. On the other hand is the unfortunate or more precisely, the regrettable ground reality of our society which since 1947 till today, could never recognize the core relationship between an authentic ideology and its sole provider, an honest and committed leadership. We as a nation either failed miserably to identify an ideology that can lay down the basis of collective betterment, or could not recognize a sympathetic and sincere leadership. Before independence of the subcontinent, British Imperialism propagated self-styled and fabricated Islamic ideologies among the masses, through their self-bred lot of so called religious outfits which demonically interpreted the Islamic beliefs in an illegitimate way to serve the cannibalistic objectives of their “British Masters”.  These political and religious parties exploited the sentiments of general public by proclaiming to safeguard their communal rights, but in effect, it was nothing more than an act to divide and weaken the independence movement thereby prolonging the of slavery and destitute of the subcontinent.

It is indeed an unfortunate ground reality of our nation that since independence, we failed to find a nationalistic and democratic leadership. Directionless crowds gathered around the ruling class of capitalist factions and feudal lords were perceived as political parties. These political parties are under deep influence of international imperialist forces and ultimately serve their geostrategic and economic objectives. In addition to this, the self-centered ruling factions of our society adopted the “party changing policy” for the sake of the fulfillment of their personal financial and political gains. Consequently, even the slightest possibility of the emergence of a truly nationalist and democratic ruling party could not thrive. Global capitalist forces implemented the policy of injecting their pay-roll aspirants into various parties that could efficiently serve them as a democratic tool to ensure and safeguard the attainment of their objective under the concealment of the false humanitarian agendas. In the context of above scenario, Hazrat-e-Aqdas Shah Abdul Qadir Raipuri (R.A) once stated, “In today’s era, instead of uprooting the nationalist parties, the imperialist forces divert national movements from their original goals by recruiting individuals of these parties on pay-roll in order to effectively divert them from their originally devised goals and objectives”.

Youngsters of our generation have opened their eyes in an atmosphere where they were presented with different packages of political parties, each package bearing a guarantee period but no expiry date. Every now and then, the entire nation is presented with a brand new package (enclosing a new political party that came up with new and even more refined layers of deception and disorder) and upon receiving it, our entire nation reacts in a way similar to that of young child who has lost his interest in playing with his old toys, and instantly grabs the new packet. On opening the packet, he is surprised to find a new ruling party to play with. For the past 69 years, we as a nation have been playing with such political packages and every time we are left with nothing but more exploitation and frustration. This social dilemma seems to accurately fit in the context of “Na Khuda hi mila, na wisaale-e-sanam”!

Factions under the influence of global capitalistic forces, and the ruling classes of our society operating have always had well formulated and strategized plans to fit latest trends of society in order to ensure the continuation of nation’s slavery. They have already realized that the sentiments of our local masses pertaining to the presently ruling political parties, which although did originate from none other than the Muslim League itself, will remain no more by 2020, and that these self-centered and callous leadership is on the verge of turning obsolete. It is not very difficult to foresee that the present political parties will no more be relevant by 2020 and will lose the potential to appeal masses towards them. Therefore, the tyrannical global imperialist forces and their deceptive local advocates presently operating in our society have effectively devised and introduced fresh and brand new political factions in order to attract common man towards them. Their apparently new agendas and ideologies are deceitfully claiming to put an end to our societal dilemmas. According to the leadership of these political parties, progressive era of “Naya Pakistan” and “Inqlab” has begun and the hardships of common man are about to end in a while. These claims are aimed at directing the political inclination of younger generations from old political parties towards the fresh ones.

The same strategy was formulated in the past to devise new political parties that were aimed to originate as branches of Muslim League. Even today, the newspapers of 1970’s era provide a clear evidence of the suspicious methods that were used to attribute fame and recognition to a newly born People’s Party. The entire process that was employed to provide a complete political setup for the success of this infant political party is no more an obscure mystery. The dreams and wishes of common man for political stability and economic prosperity ended up in the imposition of another Martial Law. Later on, the entire nation overwhelmingly supported Marshall Law and the so called “Jihad Movement” that fostered under the special care of so called “Ameer-ul-Momineen”.This whole act of mockery turned out to be the worst form of Marshall Law, and even today, our nation is suffering from its aftershocks and consequent atrocities!

Imam-e-Inqlab Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi (R.A) summarizes the essence of above discussion in his following words, “Whenever the masses opted to scrutinize the circumstances in the light of their conscientious intellect, they were put back to sleep through delusions and various forms of sleeping pills”

Over the past seventy years, our political structure has been a mixture of feudal lords, industrialists, the so called religious lot of “Muftis and Mullahs”, and the blend of civil and military bureaucracy. In order to control and calm the political unrest of our society, middle class may also be included in the above mentioned political crew of our country in the near future. Slogans of “Qisaas”, “Ehtisaab”, and “Insaf” sound are becoming more and more enchanting and appealing to the local masses of “Pak Sarzameen”. Not very long ago, in our beloved “Pak Sarzameen”, the inhumane acts of a political leader were mercilessly justified due to which the economic hub of Pakistan was devastated by insecurity and bloodshed. Any disagreement with their violent policies used to be regarded as an act of sedition against their ‘noble’ cause. May Allah safeguard our country from this heinous habit of concealing previous wrong doings, paving the way for new tricks of exploitation and persistent persecution of the masses by the ruling elite. The newly formed political parties in the country do not bear any humanitarian vision to liberate the nation from the forcibly imposed system of Feudalism and Capitalism. Our ruling and opposition parties along with our religious leadership constitute a horse’s stable that serves to provide new, refreshed, and energetic horses that can ride the cart of a deteriorated and rotten national system based on exploitation of the majority by a tiny few. The prevalent tradition of extracting a new party from an existing party is the practical implication of the idiomatic phrase; ‘Evil gives birth to more evil’.

Youngster of our society will have to decide whether they want to continue suffering at the hands of the self-centered and unsympathetic leadership which dominate and influence all the decisions pertaining to our society’s collective affairs, or initiate the process of developing a high social conscientiousness on the basis of a collective and humanistic ideology? Factions of the society possessing the refined social intellect must not be distracted by the ongoing political happenings and dilemmas. Instead, they should keenly keep their focus maintained towards their systematic and benevolent cause. They should not expect any eminent political or social change from the stakeholders of present exploitative system whether they are Government, opposition parties, religious groups, judiciary or civil and military bureaucracy. Our problems can only be solved through our own conscientious and collective effort!

Translation: Miss Ayesha Javed, Rawalpindi

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Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad

Editor Monthly Rahimia Magazine, Lahore