Introducing Quranic Movement within every Household

Jul 07, 2020
Introducing Quranic Movement within every Household

Thinking about the betterment of humanity as a whole is a noble task. But if the basis of this ideology is not strong, then it cannot bring about a long-lasting international change. Thus it becomes obligatory on those who accept this ideology to dig it deep in their households.

Every individual has been made a sovereign of his home by the Almighty. So it is his duty to make his ideology successful in his home state. This human-centric ideology can spread very successfully in this manner and indeed it is obligatory on every Muslim to do so.

It has been revealed in this verse that this grand idea should be implemented in one’s house first. So it is said “O Muslims! Remember! A part of your women and children is your enemy” if they are hostile to your cause. This does not mean that women and children are naturally hostile to a person, rather it is suggested that they will be a hindrance if they are not convinced about the movement. When one’s own family is against one’s effort, then it becomes very difficult to push it to success.
To strengthen this cause within households is an important purpose of the holy Quran. The Prophet (peace be upon him) enlightened all the houses of Medina before spreading the light to the kingdoms of Persia and Rome. On the basis of this success, Jews were exiled out of Medina because their houses refused to accept the glow of this human-centric ideology.

The afterglow of Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) love and presence in Medina lingered. So long as the city remained the capital of Islam, no difference arose amidst Muslims in matters pertaining to their ideology. So during the Caliphate, this sacred city remained a center for both religious and political activities. During the Umayyad dynasty however, this still remained a religious center. Within these eras differing religions were not produced but when the center was shifted from Medina to Baghdad this happened.

(Avoid them) Do not let their [family, if they are against your cause] enmity take over your movement. Do not aim to fight them.
(Forgive them) If they oppose the movement, forgive them as if you never listened. Because of this polite behavior they may get a better understanding of the cause and once they understand it they will become your friends. If they become friends, forget their previous enmity and do not punish them for their earlier behavior.

(Without any doubt Allah is the merciful) See the Almighty forgives those who befriend the movement after opposing it first. Not just that he also rewards them generously who now side with the movement.

[1] Movement here refers to the desire of creating a just, peaceful and prosperous human society.

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