Following Prophet’s Path

Following Prophet’s Path

Hazrat Abu Huraira (R.A) states, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told him, “Anyone who follows my path firmly when my ummah would have gone astray, would equal the virtue of a hundred martyrs.”

Each and every act and saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace upon be him) is included in his sunnah: things he asked people to do or refrain from. He offered prayers himself and showed people the way of saying prayers—asked them to say theirs five times collectively—instructed them to do noble deeds and avoid bad ones—advised people to ask others to do the same and to give their money to the impoverished and needy—to observe fasting in the month of Ramazan—if able, to perform Hajj—to recite the holy Quran—to treat each other in an appropriate manner and not to deceive anybody.

He further advised people not to hide things that would benefit others, take them according to their need and leave the remaining for others and to solve their matters politely and justly—not to stress their own rights excessively and to respect the rights of others as well—not to tell lies—not to abuse and spoil their tongues with rubbish, otherwise their hearts will be rotten gradually.

He also asked people to respect the elders and to be kind to the children—to remember Allah constantly—perform zikr and rely on Him for the fulfillment of every task—not to fight with anybody—to forgive others—to admit ones mistakes and compensate for them as soon as possible—to try not to think about exceeding others in wealth and respect—to care for orphans, poor and handicapped to fulfill the needs of the needy—not to consume what others have given one to keep—not to be be harsh and rigid.

This is the code of conduct that was chosen by our Prophet (peace upon be him) himself to live in this world. It is his Sunnah. Learn about it yourself and seek guidance from those who have authentic knowledge of it and follow it to the letter.

If Muslims begin to avoid prayer, and are embroiled in quarrels of this world, become slaves of their wishes and infected with the disease of accumulating wealth despite the misery of others; And if everywhere there is the environment of deception, dismal morality and acts detrimental to health are cherished; bribery, plundering, cruelty and kidnapping are the common occupations and if the pious ones are mocked; prayers and fasts forgotten and still if heads do not turn towards the Quran, singing, dancing, wasting time and enjoying frivolous acts are common, then it should be understood that the Ummah of Prophet Mohammad (peace upon be him) has been spoiled.

Prophet Muhammad (peace upon be him), in this hadith, says that in this kind of environment, the one who follows my sunnah and strengthens it would be rewarded as much as a hundred martyrs and his struggle would be a highly-valued jihad indeed.

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