Escalating Lawlessness and the Rule of Mafias

Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad
Nov 01, 2013 - Editorial
Escalating Lawlessness and the Rule of Mafias

Rahimia Magazine (November, 2013)

The progress and prosperity of any nation is possible only when legal traditions based on humanistic values are prevalent in the society. Moreover, it requires a stable political and economic system in which regard for human-friendly law enjoys primary importance. A society in which humanistic values are missing, turns out into a jungle. A society which manifests animalistic behavior, results into humiliation and devastation of humanity. It symbolizes stagnancy and is an obstacle in the proper growth and evolution of humanity.

For some time now, the ever increasing lawlessness and widespread terrorism is making our national scenario seriously complicated. The severity of the situation can be estimated by the fact that newspapers are making headlines like “Lawlessness of the Law Minister” about the law minister of a major province of our country. Moreover, supreme judiciary is making such remarks as “If the government is ought to observe lawlessness, then who will follow the law?” The reality is that whole country has fallen prey to the lawlessness of these ruling elites. During the past five-six years, similar governments have started considering it disgraceful to follow the state laws. All this is happening in the sacred name of “democracy”.

Firstly, there is lack of any political system based on humanistic and Islamic values. The present law is more concerned to safeguard the interests of global and local imperialistic and capitalistic powers in the context of neo-colonialism. Thus contemporary laws are insufficient to bring results for the collective good of common man. These laws are unable to cope with the problems of modern times, to safeguard the human rights of the weak and the oppressed and consolation of the people afflicted with poverty and misery.
The very construction of this system is such that instead of fulfilling the collective needs of the society, it is more concerned with the protection and nourishment of the local elite class and global capitalist system. Therefore, total social welfare cannot be achieved by complete obedience of the present law. But even then, whatever good or bad legal and justice system is functional in the society, the ruling classes of our country feel it awkward to obey the positive aspects of this system.

The primary objective of government and bureaucracy in any society is to ensure law and order in the society and to prevent the citizens from the curse of terrorism and insecurity. But in our country, government institutions are being hijacked by mafias which are second to none in the exploitation of human rights. These mafias are dominated by vested interests of ruling classes and there is no importance of public good in these institutions. Law is like wax which can be shaped in any way they want. The justice system formulated during the colonial era contains many loop holes. These loop holes are essentially instrumental in enslaving nations. But whatever laws apparently protecting public interest are available; these mafias utilize them in such a way that only vested interests of certain groups are fulfilled.

Nations are identified by the performance of their administrative institutions. But in our country, all our administrative institutions have fallen prey to different mafias. The “political parties” run by these mafias have diminished our national identity. Politics is meant to neutralize national weaknesses and set the nation on the path of progress. But in our country, politics is used to acquire power so that nation can be indebted to global powers and humanity is put on the path of humiliation. These political mafias have demolished the already weak legal system of our country. Law is violated with the help of terms like “rules relaxation.”
The words uttered out of their tongue and pen transform into law. The country remains occupied by their presence for five years. They exploit the national wealth in the name of self-devised law, i.e. “National Reconciliation.” While looting the national wealth, these mafias ignore the mischiefs of each other and remain in accord with each other to serve the lords of neo-colonial era. They are always prepared to collectively work for the interests of their masters.

The major obscenity and curse for the people living under this capitalistic and exploitative system is the intentional inability of this system to safeguard national interests. Rather, it encourages oppression, injustice, violence, fear and terrorism. This unjust system provides patronage to such mafias that safeguard the global capitalist interests in their respective countries and work as a tool for them. These mafias have infiltrated in all major state institutions. Representatives of global powers fight their interest-based proxy wars in enslaved countries and common people continue to be suppressed in these disputes.

It is the responsibility of educated and young people that they should understand the basic values of social progress. They should also realize the importance of formation and propagation of humanistic laws. Moreover, the ever increasing lawlessness should be understood in its right context.

Resistance in the form of intellect and awareness should be gathered against these mafias which are responsible for the devastation of society. Analysis of the collective dimensions of society and following the path of revolutionary struggle for social progress and welfare adopted by youngsters of any country will ultimately result in the progress of humanity.

Today we have to think that countries that have gained independence after us have cultivated this intellectual resistance through awareness and collectivism. They have followed the path of national struggle and invented revolutionary ways of solving their social problems. This intellectual resistance and revolutionary strategy has enabled them to prove their identity as a sovereign nation. It has also guided them to cover the journey of social progress in merely fifty years. It is the same journey which the western imperialist nations have covered in two and half centuries with the help of looting the whole world. This is how sensible nations reach the milestones of social progress.

Humanistic values of Islam are of primary importance in this regard. Comprehensive teachings of Islam guide us towards such legal values that help in the construction of political, economic and administrative systems. Analytic study of these teachings is the key to our success.

It is the need of hour that we should adopt national approach based on collectivism and we should understand our responsibilities in the context of Islam. It is an undeniable reality that a struggle based on Islamic wisdom and non-violence can result into national sovereignty and social progress.

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Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad

Editor Monthly Rahimia Magazine, Lahore