Deception of Capitalism And The Need of Regional Alliance

Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad
Jan 01, 2016 - Editorial
Deception of Capitalism And The Need of Regional Alliance

Rahimia Magazine (January, 2016)

Like every other year, 2015 has also ended and a new year, 2016, has marked its beginning. Man has always evaluated his past in order to devise effective strategies for his success in future. However, this analysis should be centered at a collective level rather than on individual level because being human beings, we all are part of a single collectivism that initiates itself from a small household unit and extends itself across a family, tribe, society, and nation. It then finally blends itself into a one worldwide union, also known as an international community of various nations. International issues highlighted globally in the year 2015 are of prime importance in the present year as well. Thus, analyzing and considering the dominance of humanistic gains in the context of these issues is indeed a matter of foremost necessity in today’s time.

One of the categories of these global issues consists of the disastrous and deceitful policies that make up worldwide atrocities instigated solely by none other than the western imperialists and their allies along with the propagation of their corresponding cope-up mechanisms to their own self-bred problems. This entire dilemma of hypocrisy reaches its climax by initiating a series of international conferences that demands every nation to support their self-styled objectives, at every cost, of terminating the global crisis. Thus, the coward and enslaved leadership of the third world countries , as always, willingly does not only accept but also whole heartedly acknowledges the newly made cruel tactics, as devised by their imperialist masters, to apparently encounter the threats faced by the humanity. However, no leadership bears the courage to challenge the dictatorial and exploitative policies devised by the imperialists themselves. Neither do they possess the valor to unveil the fact that it is assuredly the fulfillment of imperialist’s gains and economy that cultivates every single mark of catastrophe in this world.

Now consider the following scenario in the context of above discussion. On 30th November, 2015, UN arranged the 21st session of global climate change conference in Paris that seemingly represented the agenda of controlling worldwide emission of gases resulting from the usage of fuels i.e. oil, gas, and coal.  The question here is that are the developed countries of this world sincerely aimed at this agenda of restricting environmental pollution? And moreover, isn’t it the matter of fact that for the last 200 years, it is the same block of all the developed countries that have been utilizing the same resources of the fuel that have consequently clogged our entire atmosphere with a thick viscous layer of toxic gases? This atmospheric pollution is indeed the outcome of an overwhelming lust of economic profits of these imperialist systems. In today’s modern age of science, technology and resources to produce toxic-free clean energy do exist, but the question that emerges is that are the coal, oil, and gas producing profit hungry and giant multinational companies ready to give up their towering revenues and colossal businesses?

Does a possibility really exist that the capitalists and their allies will themselves acknowledge the non-toxic methods of energy production such as solar energy and hydro power? Are they willing to provide this latest, easily assessable, and economically feasible energy producing technology to facilitate the underdeveloped and poor third world countries which are actually in a dire need of such cost-effective programs to cater their energy needs? History has testified time and again the predatory instinct of capitalism of preferring the accumulation and multiplication of capital over humanistic values! Thus, organizing such worldwide conferences, debates, and discussions is nothing more than “come, sit, talk and leave” phenomenon and are in effect all void.

Similarly, on December 17th, 2015, UN held a conference in Morocco that was supposedly directed to onset the process of peace in Libya. The rival factions of Libya have signed an apparent peace treaty that proclaims to bring an end to the four year long ongoing civil war and to establish an alternative temporary national government, backed by United Nations, to govern the country until a stable form of government is restored. Mr. Martin Kobler, a UN special representative and head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), declared this political agreement to be historically unparalleled in his following words, "I'm very happy to have this agreement around the table. I'm convinced that human suffering has to end in Libya." But why not question the so called humanitarian UN and its philanthropic allies to trace back the united federation of criminals who did not only initiated, but are also solely responsible for devastating Libya’s harmony and exploding its national unity into infinite pieces of unprecedented brutality! Whom did NATO, along with the entire west extended its overwhelming support to; the self-proclaimed Islamic radicals or the national government of Libya? Moreover, majority of rival factions controlling the significantly large areas of Libya are not part of these UN negotiations and have still occupied different Libyan territories. Terrified and innocent Libyan civilians remember and wish for the harmonious and bloodless days of their lives as spent in the tenure of muammar-al-Kaddafi. It has always been the imperialist methodology of plundering the weaker nations by first initiating and propagating violence, destruction, and barbarism, and later on proposing the agenda of apparent peace mechanisms by entitling itself the savior and the ultimate guardian angel of human rights!

 Furthermore, pythons of capitalism have come up with latest trickery in the form of a Saudi led thirty-four state Islamic military alliance that seemingly aims to exterminate ISIS and other terrorist outfits. This military coalition includes Arab countries such as Qatar, Egypt, the United Arab emirates, along with Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, and African countries. Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan, stated that the military alliance aims to strengthen and coordinate the anti-terror efforts to put an end to terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan. The icing on the cake is the full support and hegemony of The United States Of America hovering over this military association as reinforced by Prince Sultan in his following words, “There will be coordination with major powers and international organizations, in terms of operations in Syria and Iraq. We can’t undertake these operations, without coordinating with the international community”. US defense secretary, Ashton Carter, assured firm control of US over this military communion by stating that its establishment “was in line with what we had previously urged, i.e., a greater participation by Sunni states to lead the fight against terrorist groups, especially DAESH [Islamic State].” Thus, this alliance openly admits that each of its single operation is substantiated to be in alignment with the supreme authority of US! The conscientious segments of the world comprehend the hypocrisy of this entire act of mockery. Prior to this military alliance was the same “greater Sunni participation” in the so called “Jihad” led by the USA against USSR in 1980’s. Humanity is still suffering from the consequent catastrophes and atrocities inflicted upon it mercilessly since then! Moreover, the sole creators, organizers, and ferocious advocates of every single existing terrorist organization in this world, whether it be DAESH, ISIL, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram, Tahrik-e-Taliban or ISIS, against which international military collaborations are formulated remain no more an obscure mystery!

On a brighter side, the year 2015 is marked with two worth mentioning developments. The first one includes the 15th Summit of Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO) held in Russia on 10th July, 2015. Russian President, Vladimir Putin announced the inclusion of Pakistan and India in SCO as official members. According to a report, SCO will most probably incorporate Iran as its full member as well. Secondly, 8th December, 2015, marked the fifth session of “The heart of Asia Conference” that aims to develop cordial relations between Pakistan and India thereby strengthening the connections between the two countries and bringing them closer. The said conference also intends to counter current problems confronted by Afghanistan such as terrorism, economic instability and poverty.

Today, the ferocious Imperialist encapsulation of the entire world can only be defeated effectively through regional unity and territorial politics. As a matter of fact, the Pioneers and their authentic successors of WaliUllahi School of Thought have highlighted decades ago that it is only the formation and strengthening of the regional alliance of Asian countries that can actually enable them to progress and cope up with the deceptive policies and tyrannous agendas of the imperialist/capitalist block.

Translation: Miss Ayesha Javed, Rawalpindi 

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Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad

Editor Monthly Rahimia Magazine, Lahore