Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad
Apr 17, 2021 - Shuzraat

Politicians carrying the Crossof the system on their shoulders

Editor Rahimia Magazine

The events of the past month in our country have once again unveiled the realityof our political system, parties and rulers sitting in the houses of power. Those,who have been showing the people the dream of a big change or a new Pakistan and are currently on the driving seat of government, have once again exposed the falsification of their claims. In this political game, the attitudes of both sides have left nothing but disappointment for the nation as always. Similarly, the way our political parties, that were seeking ‘respect for the vote’, have tarnished the image of the vote by making it a materialist thing is also part of the history. On the other hand, there are other groups who have  sold the trust of the nation and filled their wallets without sparing any effort. From the lower level elections to the upper house, the disrespect of the vote in this electoral system has unveiledthe reality of this electoral system.

With the steps taken for the success of their respective factions, the contradictions in the words and deeds of the politicians dominating our political system have also exposed their moral position in front of the nation. The tragedy of our country's politics is that our politicians have not yet been able to comeout of the mentality of our colonial past. Their political attitudes are not like those of independent nations. They consider the politics of colonial era to be the best way to achieve their personal and family interests and to pave the way to reach the political power. To understand the deception and trappings of this system, it is important to take a quick look at some of the events of the past month.

When PDM's Yousuf Raza Gelani won the Senate general seat from Islamabad by a margin of 5 votes againstthe government’s candidate and Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, the Prime Minister said, " Money has played a decisive role in Senate Elections.”This statement was based on the fact that a video came out a few days before the election, in which the son of the successful candidate was allegedly telling members of the government how to discard/disqualify their vote. Later on, the ruling party  announced that it would go to the Election Commission against the winning candidate, while on the other hand, the opposition nominated Yousuf Raza Gilani as their candidate for the seat ofChairman Senate.

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on the defeat of their party’scandidate and exclaimedthat what kind of democracy is this in whicha person is becoming a senator by paying a bribe and the members of the Assembly are selling their conscience and integrity,. About the Election Commission, he said that this institution has damaged the democratic and moralvalues  of the country. He said that he wanted to know immediatelywhich of theirparliamentary memerssold their votes, but this could not be possible as the ballot papers were kept unrecognizable by the Election Commission. He questioned: If this is a good election, then what is the definition of a bad one? He said that he felt 'ashamed' on the situation before the Senate Elections which portrays like a 'Bakra Mandi (Cattle Market)' where animals were on sale. The prime minister got the vote of confidence before election ofChairman of the Senateand the GovernmentCandidate was also elected asChairman of the Senate. Now, the reaction of the other side was noticeable. Theystartedcryingthat we will challenge this election in court and the government's happiness was to be seen. This time,the Prime Minister and Government Members have forgotten all the grievances withthe Election Commission and were receiving congratulations from all sides.

While observing this political drama, one begins to wonder what sort of political and ethical standards are these?Where are the people who won a seat in the Senate and predicted tothe nation theirfinal victory? What went withthe claims of that semi-political semi-religious party that has been wreaking havoc whole year? On the contrary, all of these opposition parties becamequiteafter the completion of the Senate elections. PDM's primary narrativehas been shattered and proven to be a pack of lies. Not only that the allied parties have come face to face with each other as rivals, but the religious political party that has brought the opposition parties together is itself started to disintegrate. A large faction of the party is in the field now with their own narrative. But the leader of this semi-political semireligious leaderis still as busy and steadfast as ever in defending the families involved in corruption with the remnants of his party. Surprisingly, the party claiming Islam is forcing its workers to show solidarity with the woman of financial dishonesty outside the NAB office.

We have stated time and again on these pages that these parties are actually a pwcomponentof this system. They keep people busy to pass the time. The result of all political activities remains the same:"Ineffective&fruitless. ". The plain reality is that the system uses its agents/pawns as needed for its own purposes and that's it! This political system is a cross, which the politicians of this country carry on their shoulders. Whenever the need is, they crucify the interest of the nation the cross. Our politicians have neitherlearntanything from the revolutions of the past, nor are they ready to learn now. While the reality is that in societies where such politicians are imposed like a spell, the nationsuse tosway against such corrupt politicians and wrap up the whole system nurturing and protecting them. In such a situation, the buds of revolution begin to sprout under their feet and the power of the great rulers is crushed under the feet of the people. People use all the resources accumulated against them to get rid of the oppressive regimes.

With the request of forgiveness from the poet, this situation can be described in the words of the nation with a little disposition

You have told a lie; you must be crucified

Continue to carry the cross on your shoulder!

(Translated by Naeem Ahmad, Abu Dhabi)

Muhammad Abbas Shad
Muhammad Abbas Shad

Editor Monthly Rahimia Magazine, Lahore

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