Pythons of Capitalism in Libya

مولانا محمد عباس شاد
مولانا محمد عباس شاد
اکتوبر 01, 2011 - اداریہ
Pythons of Capitalism in Libya

From Rahimia Magazine (October, 2011)

Capitalist system is an anti-human system. It has never helped humanity prosper in a genuine sense. Capitalist countries have a long history of crimes against humanity and their system is founded on the basis of greed for wealth and capital. Exploitation of human toil is an essential part of the basic agenda of all capitalistic powers. Insulting human respect is the identity of capitalist economies. This system has developed a natural tendency to act against peace in the world. Economic prosperity and human development are the two main indexes that this system wants to destroy. These powers interpret “human welfare” in their own sense. Their interpretation allows them to commit massacres under the garb of “human welfare.”

These imperialists destroy cities and countries, divide societies on the basis of hatred, capture natural resources and destroy all positive attributes of a society. Quran tells us about their psyche that they collect stacks of wealth and are willing to kill and enslave humanity. Because they do believe not believe in the day of judgment, they consider themselves answerable to none. These arrogant and cruel powers do not take into account any law or moral value and impose their dictatorship where ever they want. Capitalistic system has attacked humanity like a python who desires to swallow all human values form the earth.

Yes! Python of this imperialist mind has attacked Libya with all of its might. Although the countries that have conspired against Libya have to put their houses in order, yet they are marching on to establish their exploitative writ on another country.

The economic situation of USA heralds its downfall. Its Loans have are now more than its annual production. Assets of USA are mortgaged with other countries. Now for its shrinking and sinking economy, USA wants to provide blood of wealth and resources of other countries to resuscitate it. There is no doubt that USA wants to drain the blood of Libyan nation and USA is not ready to bear the burden of aggression against Libya.

Libyan nation their leader Col Moamar Qadafi has played a pivotal role in strengthening the union of African Countries. Libya has not accepted the world order of capitalistic economies rather has enthusiastically presented a solution of developing their own financial system based on autonomy and self reliance. Libya has developed a national philosophy among the tribes of Libya and decided to use their own resources for their national interests. Libyans have developed thoughts on the basis of true Islamic philosophy to create political and economic systems. They had decided to develop a banking system that would have enabled African countries to rid themselves of the clutches of imperialistic powers. In this situation, imperialist powers decided to infiltrate the country with the help of rebels of the system and purchased slaves from Arab nations. As a result, they have deprived the country from freedom.

The saddest factor among this entire situation is the role of the Arab League. These traitors and rebels against any just system have played at the hands of imperialists powers. It is worth noting that whenever imperialist powers have attacked a Muslim nation, they have searched for traitors who betray their nations trust, and act as tools in the hands of such exploitative powers.

Hypocrites were installed in the society in Islamic attires and were presented as true leaders of the Ummah. Such people were represented as the true leaders of the society, and they worked according to the imperialistic agenda and acted as their puppets. It has been the habitude of capitalistic powers that whenever they capture a nation they annihilate their sensible leadership. The formulation of USA itself rests on murders of thousands of honorable Red Indians. Propaganda is a major tool that enables them to drum up hatred against someone who is sincere with his people. After sidelining sensible leaders, these powers replace them with rebels of their own nations who simply follow them as brainless puppets. The Pedigree of most of the leaders of Islamic nations is attached with such puppets and rebels. They sold their nations against for dollars and helped imperialistic powers enslave their own populace.

Today imperialism is entering in Libya with the help of traitors of the same nation. Opium of religion and journalism is being used to make people accede to imperialistic principles. The facts based on the reality and truth have been hidden and the international media continues to blow dust in the eyes of people. Realities are being distorted. People are being misled by the mainstream media. People are continually being deceived in the name of objective journalism. Religion, too, is playing on the pitch of imperialism by staying silent on the issue. In this environment importance of national philosophy has increased a lot.

Quran makes it binding on every conscientious Muslim to make his judgment on the basis of clear-sightedness in the wake of any Satanic or imperialistic conspiracy. In the present scenario, it is necessary for Muslims to see through the propaganda of capitalistic powers and develop a clear perception of international realities. Instead of becoming tools in the hands of Satanic and Imperialistic powers they need to study Quranic about justice, equality, peace and prosperity on the basis of national freedom. They should also follow those who have been trying hard to establish societies on the basis of afore-mentioned principles.

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مولانا محمد عباس شاد
مولانا محمد عباس شاد

مولانا محمد عباس شاد پنجاب یونیورسٹی لاہور اور جامعہ اشرفیہ کے فاضل اور ادارہ رحیمیہ علوم قرآنیہ سے وابستہ ہیں۔ ماہنامہ "رحیمیہ" اور سہ ماہی "شعور و آگہی" (لاہور) کے مدیر اور دارالشعور پبلشرز لاہور کے چیئرپرسن ہیں۔ ماہنامہ الصدق کے مدیر کے طور پر بھی فرائض انجام دیتے رہے۔
قومی اور سماجی مسائل کے علاوہ قومی اور بین الاقوامی سطح کے حالاتِ حاضرہ ان کی خصوصی دلچسپی کا میدان ہے۔ ماہ رحیمیہ میں گزشتہ کئی سالوں سے "شذرات" کے نام سے اداریہ لکھ رہے ہیں ۔