Emerging societies and the need of human-centric systems

مولانا محمد عباس شاد
مولانا محمد عباس شاد
مئی 01, 2012 - اداریہ

From Rahimia Magazine (May, 2012)

World is under the pressure of change internationally. Ancient societies are in the phase of transition. Old social collective cultures are breaking up. There is a new turn in the relationships of political and economic factors.

Old societal structures are breaking up. New communication systems have introduced new avenues of interaction between nations. Collective structure of societies is suggesting a clue to a new age. In the realm of politics, hate against dictatorships and absolute monarchies is increasing. In the economic realm, factors of production are on the verge of change. New Social contracts are also emerging. New thoughts based on different ideologies and philosophies are appearing. Thinking patterns are changing. In this way it is clear to see the footprints of new emerging world in front of our eyes.

We need to analyze this emerging society closely. A Behavior of complete denial of these changes in the world is incorrect from all perspectives. And following changes without analyzing them on some predefined criterion will also not be a wise decision. It is need of time that the ultimate result of these changes must be in the common benefit of all human societies. So it is essential that the direction of this metamorphosis in societies should be paved towards the development of human-centered systems. Anti-human forces must be resisted. Process of change requires that the society be diverted to positive directions now. Process of this constant evolution is determining a positive direction on its own. So in this age of change, development and formation of systems based on humanity has become more important as some of already privileged dominative parts of society are in an effort to use these changes for their imperialistic and capitalistic minds. They want to cease the benefit of development in science and technology for the benefit of common man and want to use them for the vested interests of already dominative authorities and cruel rulers. Antihuman role of capitalistic nature can be observed from here.

This is the challenge that is needed to be sighted by the cognitive and rational minds. They need to develop such policy that their rational sightedness might be used for the common benefit of humanity rather being a tool in the hands of imperialistic powers. Especially in Muslim societies scholars having religious comprehensibleness and insight must have the responsibility to cognize the sense of different prospective of changing environment. They must analyse the social formations in the perspectives of common interests on the basis of religious teachings. They must understand the importunity of changing times and analyse the actors behind this change. They must determine the reasons that are playing key role to this change. In the political environment what changes are coming, what are their new requirements demanding, in economic circle how productive relations will be operating, creation of factors of production, their division and their usage in new age will require what new type of economic system. New scientific experiments in universe are identifying of hidden places of universe that had never been observed before. So it’s the duty of scholars of Islam who have rational approach towards religion that they must develop a policy that might use changes brought in by scientific inventions and modern technologies in the benefit of common man.

In this perspective, we need to examine the philosophies and historical role of true scholars and determined leaders who played a similar role in their times. This is reality that among the great scholars and thinkers “Hazrat Imam Shah Walli Ullah” is such a great and remarkable leader who studied Quran and Sunnah in depth and commented upon the basic structure of universe, changes in various processes of the universe in the perspective of changing environment, actors of social changes, political issues and reasons working as indicators behind the economic issues. He indicated that in the changing structure of space and time what are the true lines of guidance provided by the teachings of Islam? He indicated the realities on which the ideological and practical systems of a human society should be formulated. Walliullahi Philosophy explains the changes in the whole universe and this world, develops a framework which enables us to understand these changes rationally, a road map to use current discoveries and inventions for the common benefit of humanity. This is a reality that in the multidimensional environment of these social changes that is complicated and diversified too, only Walliullahi Philosophy is that ideology and line of action that paves an explicit way to solve problems of humanity.

Now this is responsibility of people of vision and knowledge, especially Muslim scholars that are blessed with true knowledge and literate youth of the society to concentrate on this matter. No doubt, Walliul lahi Philosophy provides such an enlightened road map that provides a doable philosophy and code of life to protect the basic rights of not only Muslims but also the rest of the nations. This philosophy and line of action is beacon of light in this age of complete darkness. In these changing times, Muslims are under the shadow of frustration and despair, under the thoughts of defeat and ignorance. They need to realize that this environment has been created to achieve special vested interests of imperialistic powers. This environment can be countered by the deep study of Walliullahi Philosophy. Walliullahi Philosophy not only gives a perceptive approach to the actual problems of humanity but also provides road map for their solution and also guides that what initial actions need to be taken to act upon this philosophy.

No doubt Imam Shah Waliullah Dehlavi and other great scholars and leaders of similar ideology are heirs to a tradition that has always disseminated wisdom against imperialistic powers prevalent in every age. They proved that in the changing social structures of humanity, Islam is the only religion that has inherent capacity to solve the problems of whole humanity. This is the religion that has the capacity to develop and formulate a system internationally that can address problems of humanity at large. This is the need of time that in the regime of multidimensional changes we must accept Waliullahi Philosophy whole heartedly in this conscious journey towards better systems.

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مولانا محمد عباس شاد
مولانا محمد عباس شاد

مولانا محمد عباس شاد پنجاب یونیورسٹی لاہور اور جامعہ اشرفیہ کے فاضل اور ادارہ رحیمیہ علوم قرآنیہ سے وابستہ ہیں۔ ماہنامہ "رحیمیہ" اور سہ ماہی "شعور و آگہی" (لاہور) کے مدیر اور دارالشعور پبلشرز لاہور کے چیئرپرسن ہیں۔ ماہنامہ الصدق کے مدیر کے طور پر بھی فرائض انجام دیتے رہے۔
قومی اور سماجی مسائل کے علاوہ قومی اور بین الاقوامی سطح کے حالاتِ حاضرہ ان کی خصوصی دلچسپی کا میدان ہے۔ ماہ رحیمیہ میں گزشتہ کئی سالوں سے "شذرات" کے نام سے اداریہ لکھ رہے ہیں ۔